Navigation from page to page

hello to all, I would like to make a transition from page to page and not only recharge, you can not apply this type of transition, if at the time of going to one page to another!, as a way of navigating, I do not know if bloc will have this way of doing it right now!

greetings and thanks

Hola @nelo! Did you manage to do this?

Hey @Stewie_Griffin have you seen this in the Blocs Store?

It’s similar to the above referenced link, but without having as many options available.

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I saw it, but I wonder if it works properly. Lately the purchases that I have made in the blocs store always have one or another problem and I end up spending the money and not using the bric. :frowning_face:

I use it, works well.

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thank you! Can you do a simple fade in transition ?

no, never try to make it work in a project, I use a transition “brics” that is in the blocsapp store, in particular it works well for me, you can change opacity, path color and speed, I like that at the moment.

Maybe I can serve you!