Navigation link troubles -- SOLVED

Hi – I have a project where the Home page does not use a global area, but uses Nav Links set to ‘None’ and ‘scroll to’ interactions to each bloc within the same page…and all this works perfectly!

And the project has a separate Blog page (which links to several ‘post’ pages by using links on each of the Post items), which uses a ‘global area’ with Nav Links which is also the ‘global area’ for all the ‘post’ pages…this Nav Link is also set to ‘none’ and takes the user back to the project’s Home page and scrolls to each specific bloc on the Home page using the interaction Navigate to URL with Bloc IDs.

This linking strategy works within Blocs preview, and in Blocs Preview Browser, but not when uploaded to my host server.

I can add that the Home link on the Blog page does work, and it uses the interaction ‘navigate to page’…while the other links ‘fail’ and so do nothing.

I also noticed the file for the Blog page when exported is in a folder called Blog (per the page name in settings) but the page file itself is called ‘index.html’, which means there are several index.html pages in the project, as each Post page is also in a folder with it’s own name, but the file in the folder is also called index.html, and the Home page is also index.html. Is that how it’s suppose to be?

Here is a ‘private’ link to the site on my host server (the site is not ‘public’ or live as of yet as I work out the kinks):

Here is a screen capture of the ‘inspector’ showing the correct URL # for the links on the Blog page.

Any ideas as to why it’s not working on the server?


Hello @DanielF,

this is not working, because the index.html#NAME is added after the /blog/ in the url.

You can try to solve the problem by using /index.html#NAME. (/ before the index).
If this is not working you can try …/index.html#NAME

Best regards

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THANKS Webplus!!! the forward slash did the trick…hours spent trying to figure this out, and poof, a little punctuation did the trick…much gratitude to you! :pray::pray::pray:

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