Navigation menu - custom class (SOLVED)

Hey all,

I started to built a site with Blocsapp, added a few pages and a navigation. I’m trying to get the navigation list items to show the text underlined and with a different color when I hove with the mouse over them. So I created a custom class:

I use this class on all list items within the navigation with no result. Well, it shows the text underlined, but doesn’t change the color. Doesn’t change it whether I set a color change to normal state either.

Am I doing something wrong?


There are two ways to do that.

  1. If you are using the menu with source set to ‘Primary Menu’, you should not create a new custom class like you did, and instead edit the default custom classes we have in Blocs (navbar-nav li a). It will appear in Class Menu if you make any changes to Navigation Links typography settings in Project Settings.

  2. If you want for your class to work, just set the source of the menu to ‘None’, and all the changes will be visible.


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Cheers Eldar. I see I have lots to learn.

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The best way to learn what @Eldar knows is taking his class using his tutorials.


Already doing so :wink: And my original issue is solved thanks to Eldars answer.

If I may ask one more question, concerning the Navigation. What do I have to do to update the navigation bar? After I delete a page the navigation bar doesn’t update.

Found an answer to my question here.

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Hello again,

If you have decided to use navigation with source set to ‘none’, you need to manually manage links in navigation. Just select the list item you want to delete and press Command + Delete.


Thanks Eldar. I kept the Primary Menu and edited the desired attributes once I managed to make it show in the class manager. Need to get used to this way of working, coming from RW. I’m sure it’s much more powerful doing things this way. It’s just… old habits die hard :wink:

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