Navigation Menu to Nowhere

I am new to Blocs and I have been trying to configure Navigation bric, but I am having trouble because Blocs does not act consistently. Maybe it is pilot error, so here I am asking what is the correct procedure to consistently configure a Navigation bric?

I want to change the font size, weight, and color. When it is the active page, I want to change it to another color. Here are the links I have been looking at…

Styling Nav Links With Custom Classes:

Changing Navigation Font Size:

Styling Navigation Active Page:

All of this has been an exercise in frustration. A couple of times I got it to work, but then after changing a characteristic here or there, nothing works. Even after restoring the original settings, it remains brain dead in that I cannot get all the things working at the same time. It feels like playing a game of whack-o-mole and thus the frustration.

I even moved to 3.3 beta 2 to see if that would help, but no joy. Is this a completely broken feature? What am I missing?