Navigation showing SEO title, not page title?

Hm, I just started a new project, created the pages needed, added page title and seo title as well as seo description, added a navbar and… the navigation items display the seo title, not the page title. Am I doing something wrong?

weird behavior, will you have a screenshot to see the settings?

After that screenshot was taken I edited the page name and discovered, that on export Blocs creates a folder named after the page name. While that helps creating more descriptive folder names, it does not change the name in the navigation bar. When I set the SEO Titles just to one word, the navigation bar changes to those. Its odd and not at all natural for me.

What configuration do you have in the page name?

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If you have selected the “primary menu” everything you write in SEO title will appear in your navigation menu, since it executes it automatically, which is a correct behavior.

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I recommend setting the menu to none and thus modifying the name of the menu, which makes the page title and the seo title independent, you will not have any problem

Ah, that indeed changes the behaviour. I still find it irritating though.

It is only a matter of knowing how to use the elements, once you get used to it, everything is easier to achieve

I am inclined to agree, but setting it to none provides you with so many more styling options that anybody working with Blocs regularly will almost certainly set it like that by default.

When building new sites in Blocs I start with a draft project, which has as many points as possible already in place and this is one of them. It saves an awful lot of time and you can refine it gradually depending on your workflow.

While that is true, that wasn’t my initial question. But I found, that I can change the displayed navigation menu text using the menu manager, even when (for starters) still using the primary menu.

I might need to revisit Eldar tutorials on custom navigation menus… Blocs - in some aspects, and especially in the navigation stuff - is not very intuitive. I really like Blocs though, and I hope V4 will be more intuitive in this regard.

The SEO title is used rather than the page name as that is used for the file name. This means special characters are removed along with spaces which means it’s not great for navigation. The SEO title doesn’t get any formatting forced so that’s used for Mac links.

You can also use the Menu Manager to adjust the label for the menu links as well this should overuse the SEO value.