Need an advice for a template

Hello Forum

I am from Mexico City and sorry about my English :stuck_out_tongue:

I am very newbie building websites, I know the basic about blocs v4.x
Sadly my uncle dies for COVID 3 months ago, he was a big star wars collector, and now my aunt is asking me to sell all his toys online, I am going to sell them in other sites like eBay or Amazon but I want also to have a nice website,

I want to buy a template:

But I don’t know which one suits for my needs, can someone please share its website using these template for an online store to give me a better idea?


Hi Camelia,

I am the creator of Blocs Templates. You can use any template to sell any product, but I would recommend not to focus on the template too much. The important question are ‘how many products will you have on your website?’, and ‘what payment processor you will use for this website?’

If you are going to use Ecwid (which is all-in-one solution for commerce websites), you can use any template you want, and just embed the shop page. If you will have a small number of products, and want to use PayPal or something else, you then can choose the template which is better for displaying of the individual products.

In any case, I think it is better for you to invest more time and effort into getting to know Blocs better. Maybe Blocs 4 Website Course (with includes the Barista template) can be a good place to start. Or even the free Introduction to Blocs 4 course (if you haven’t already). You can find more information about both on Blocs Master website.



First and foremost, I’m really sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle @camelia.

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You will certainly get exponentially more traffic and sell through via those two popular sites regarding targeting collectors verse trying to onboard the items for sale on your own site. So that’s a very smart approach to use eBay and Amazon vs the Blocs e-commerce options.

Are you planning to have direct links from each of the items (on your site) to the listed items on eBay and Amazon where they are being sold, such as a buy button that directs you to those sites?

If you are planning to sell strictly though eBay and Amazon and only wish to have an additional visual presentation site for displaying the items. Then you should be able make many templates work as starting points if you desire. Though it could be just as easy and more advantageous to create your own site in Blocs from scratch for that purpose. Since depending on the quantity of items that you have, you will need to modify the templates anyway based upon volume and overall content presentation.

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Hi @camelia, first of all - so sorry to hear about the loss of your Uncle.

***** STOP PRESS!!! ******
I am also a Star Wars fan, - not a huge one, but I know from all the movie franchises this is possibly the biggest of them all and have some of the most expensive toys ever made.

You might know that rare Star Wars toys are actually worth a LOT of money!
As an idea one of my old school friends sold a Luke Skywalker with some form or retractable light sabre and it sold for around $18,000 US dollars in an auction. So be so careful not to give these away at low prices. From memory I know some figures in auction go for $50,000 onwards.

Many items could do well in sales in auction houses too - so they need to be filtered out from standard to rare.

Before selling them - I would join many of the Star Wars forums on the internet and Facebook groups for star wars collectors. Before diving into the cost of the items, get an idea of what is valuable and rare and post images of items etc.

If you are to set a fixed fee - then try high on the rare ones. Collectors will pay anything to get their prize.

Good luck and think carefully on the valuation - but an Auction would be my choice if he was a serious collector - to me, amazon and a set fee could cost you a lot of £$£$£!

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