Need help properly publishing my redesigned website

Hello again!
This topic is not really related to Blocs. More like “what to do after I have made my website in Blocs”.

I have searched answers in internet for a week now and my head is starting to hurt. :sweat: So I wanted to try and reach for help here, where are so many experienced users that are practically doing it every day.

I finally made a redesigned website. There is still running the old website. The new website is totally different from the old one. I have access to my cPanel. I already made a subdomain to test the new site and it works but I am afraid to upload it in the main site’s place. I am afraid that due to my lack of knowledge I would damage some kind of old website’s data, trust and rankings (I don’t know how important they are). I learned about redirect but I don’t know if I need it.
And how does website updating works? If I upload new files doesn’t that mean that there is new content and Google sees it as something new? :fearful:
Lately more popular have become https websites because they are more secure for visitors. Maybe there is advise how to go from http to https?

I am sure that answers to this topic would help many people.


  1. How to publish my redesigned website in my old website’s place without losing important data?
  2. If there appears a need for new website’s content update how would I do that?

Many thanks! :wink:

I’ve done the same with many of my websites, updated from a old site to a totally different version.

  1. First I would make sure your old site is backed up so incase something does go wrong you can restore.
  2. I made a new folder in the old site and named it “archived”. I then moved everything from the old site in to the new archived folder. A second online backup.

Then just upload the new site in to the directory where you normally update your site.
As you work/add content to your new site in Blocs, then save the work and re-export your site.
Most FTP clients keep track of changes and when you connect to the server it will only update the new content.

There are many great FPT programs, I use Yummy FTP, but do a forum search and you’ll find more to choose from.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your advise!
Do you redirect anything from old site to the new one? All my URLs are different from old ones and basically content is different too, so I am thinking if I delete the old page and put the new one won’t it damage the SEO rankings? And what happens when Google crawls my new website, does it just replace the old one in Google search?
Sorry for so many questions, I feel dumb :dizzy_face:

Well there are a lot of different things going on. When you say different url’s, do you mean totally different domain name? If so then it will act like a new site. Even if you upload totally new content with the same domain name it could possibly effect your rankings as search engines crawl your site.