Need help with email link in footer

I have an email link in my footer but can’t get it to open up an email dialog box. When you hover over it, it changes color like I have set up but it won’t open to an email. I have a similar one next to the form that works correctly. I have it set to Navigate to URL, then the URL set to The only difference between the two email links is, I added a class to the footer one so I could change the text color to white. I can’t see any other differences.

The link to the page is:

Thanks so much! I can’t figure this out.


Hello @annette0216, if you check your code you have the link that works like this:

<a href="">Email us</a>

But the other one you have:

<a href=""></a>
"Email Us"

So you have the “Email Us” in the second link outside of the <a> ref.

Probably what you have done is that you delete the text from the second link and add text manually right after the link…

OK, I see what you’re saying. I wonder how I did that?? I will fix it.

Thanks so much for your detailed help and screen shots. Still learning!