Need online service to generate responsive horizontal menus

My opinion is it’s very hard for beginners in Blocs to build and customize horizontal menu with submenus. So let me ask you. Who knows good online services to generate responsive horizontal menu with submenus?

I think it will be the easiest way to generate it with another service and then implement it to Blocs website.

I don’t know how to change menu height or width, text margins and paddings, colors of submenu items, how to apply icons to menu items, animation effects to elements of menu items, etc.

I know that Blocs has many sub classes I have to write manually. So where can I see a list of all classes for horizontal menu and its submenus?

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@Eldar has shared the best-known tutorials for Blocs I would check them out.

It will be very helpfull for web masters, but not for me. Just to create 1 website. And it is too expensive for me

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I’ve made tutorials on blocs too which may be helpful

Cool videos :slight_smile: Thank you for letting me know.

oh, thanks!

I found very good choice! StellarNav.js Awesome and responsive menu! It suites all my needs. Try it!


looks good…how do you integrate it in blocs?
Some of us need tutorials for things like this.
THanks in advance

I’ll make one later for you :blush:


Much appreciated!