Need to create a website with +/- 66 videos

Happy Christmas everyone.

I need to create a website with +/- 66 videos.
To compress the videos I would use the software hardbrake. Tried it out with 1 video which was originally 847 MB and now 78.3 MB. This setting uses:

Question 1: is this the best way to compress?

Question 2: The intention is, of course, for the website to load quickly in the browser, how do I best approach this. The customer does not want to use YouTube, so have to keep everything local.
The longest video is 10 min. Max. video per page is 4, usually 1 to 2 videos
Have 0 comma 0 experience with this! So please keep it simple :blush:


Here you go:


Under the video tab I believe there is an option for quick start video. This makes the file a little larger, so you will use more bandwidth however it requires less CPU to start playing I gather.

The Any Video bric should make the page load faster because you would be loading poster images rather than videos initially. It would also give you many more styling options.

What about Vimeo?


regarding handbrake :

I only heard good things about it when used for compression.

However I wonder if there are better tools? Meaning: can other tools better compress videos and shrinking the GB size while retaining a nice quality of the video as such?

If there are any compression experts here:

what settings would be best in handbrake or another tool?

What other tools are even out there that could be used to compare the compression effectiveness?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Have no experience with this, but just watched it and uploaded 1 video. See the mention of vimeo. (free account at the moment, don’t like all those monthly subscriptions, but if it’s the solution, then you can’t do anything else)

I suspect with the use of Any Video bric you can remove this?!

Related to Any Video bric
What is the intention/possibility when choosing URL instead of YouTube…

Regarding Handbrake: As far as I know it is a great tool to compres your video’s. There are a few Web settings that work pretty well.
I can totally understand your client wishes regarding Youtube; with all the commercials it is becoming more and more a pain in the b#tt to watch video’s. Vimeo could be a better alternative.
You can also consider putting your compressed video’s in a folder and use the URL function, works nice with AnyVideo. In that case the URL would be: or something like that. (It might be handy to create a subdomain where you can stash all the video’s)

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If you are putting that many videos online I would put them in a folder with an underscore at the front like _video so it goes to the top of the ftp list. It helps to avoid deleting the folder in error during updates.


That is something I use too or putting the videos in a subdomain…

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@InStacks has created a superb solution for this:


Indeed! I use it to exchange files with my band members… works perfect. And also a great solution for this!

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A subdomain works but some might struggle to set it up and unexpected issues can emerge like SSL or cross-origin CORS glitches. Just putting it in a folder like that keeps it simpler.

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Hi @eriks , I will also recommend Vimeo for this - 66 videos and possibly more will work like a dream with vimeo plus account and the brilliant any video bric from @Malachiman

I am a huge fan of vimeo for professional use and with the amount of videos you have this is a no brainier in my opinion. Either way - good luck !


Handbrake is excellent, up until recently (I just got Compressor, but still learning it) that is all I would use.

There are advantages to using Youtube or Vimeo, Vimeo is better suited for your use case (I love that you can lock videos to domains).

Some hosting plans don’t like you serving lots of video too, so you have to consider that when self hosting (not to mention you have more work prepping videos).


The biggest problem I found with Vimeo is that they insist on injecting their wretched analytics with no means to turn them off, which creates a two fold problem. First a delay in page opening while waiting for Vimeo to fetch data from the other side of the world and secondly that it added a cookie creating GDPR headaches.

Another big problem at the time was an automated bandwidth control that would start play at a very low quality and only increase after it had established your internet connection was fast enough to support it, but in practice the image was staying pretty fuzzy, even on super fast connections for far too long.

My experience with Vimeo basically started and stopped five years ago due to these issues, so something may have improved.

I would say it has in 5 years.

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Have they stopped the cookies and the analytics?

Vimeo has a do not track embed parameter, that blocks, session, analytics and cookies.

My Vimeo account is on hold at the moment, but I’d assume you can set this in Vimeo itself too.

I could add the DNT parameter to Any Video if there is enough interest.


That sounds like a good step forward then. At the time I asked Vimeo about this and there was no way to turn it off with Vimeo Plus. I ran some tests and found that having a video through Vimeo was doubling the page load time waiting for that analytics cookie to be fetched.

If you could add that to Any Video I think it would be a positive step. Not wishing to mess about with these constraints is largely why I have stuck with self hosted video since then.

On a side note I received a newsletter this morning from Microsoft about Bing advertising and they were offering webinars on tracking and advertising in a cookie free environment, so it looks like the message is getting through.