Need to re-create this

As I continue my quest to move my site over to Blocs, can someone please advise how to re-create this:

I have tried the “Feature 3 Column Article” Bloc as well as 3 column bloc and bric with image, header and paragraph.

The problem I have is the padding around the image in the column. I need it to go edge to edge so that when I apply a colour to the column, it doesn’t bleed around the image.

–OR maybe someone has a better/easier way of accomplishing this?


Sort of like this? (just played with the left column)test.bloc (729.7 KB)

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Yes that is what I’m after @pauland The issue is, to have all 3 appear the same, that collapses the padding between them eliminating the space.


Another way is to insert a DIV brick below the image and set the colour etc using the class manager. Also set the top margin of the DIV brick to 0 (zero) to remove the blank space.

That did it @David
Thank you

You can also just use a pre make 3 column bloc and them at a card to each column. It’s best to just get one styled and then duplicate the card.

Nice job Pauland…Blocs 3 is going to open up a lot of possibilities, not only for the user but to help new users.


Does this work for you? I’ve saved it as a custom bloc.

custom 3 column feature - no (22.7 KB)

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