New (2.3) Menu Styles

What slides in has a solid black background, and I am having trouble figuring out how to change that. I apply a custom class to the menu and set a background color… but that seems to only set the color for the list items’ backgrounds and not the enclosing black structure.

What am I missing?

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There is a subclass for this, add a class via class manager and select subclass Lib, you are looking for the special navigation class.


Do you have to apply the created sub menu to the navigation bar?

Thanks Norm…

How about the little close widget in that container?

You mean sub class? No this is already applied to the object you just can’t select it in order to modify it hence adding it via the class manager.

No but you should be able to figur that out by exporting and inspecting the HTML when the menu is open.

I’ll add a subclass to the library in 2.3.1 for the X

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I am very curious, bit can´t open any subclass libary by clicking on the + in class manager.
Even when a created class is activated.

Any suggestions?


What happens when you click the plus in class manager?

thanks for the quick response Norm.

Nothing happens in the latest version (download today).

In Beta 14 it works sometimes, but closing and reopening Blocs is neccessary.

Odd, I’ll investigate and see if I can replicate this

I tried with 2.3 Beta in the meantime.
After reopening 2.3 final it seems to work.

Yes, that would be splendid if there was a way to easily change the X button in the Full Screen Navigation Menu.

Did this actually make it into 2.3.1? I don’t see it.

Hey guys,

Just bringing this back to life - I wonder if anyone can help?

I’m having a major problem trying to modify the background of a dropdown menu.

I can modify the Sidebar menu, but not the dropdown…

So currently, when you hit the hamburger, the dropdown BG is transparent, and no matter what I do to the sub class , i can’t change it. it drops down, overlays the content below, and is transparent thus unreadable.

The default setting for this menu seems to push down the content below so the menu is not overlaying but occupying the screen space between header and body - so it may well be transparent, but because it doesn’t overlay anything, you can read the menu items. mine doesn’t seem to do that - it simply overlays the content, appears transparent, and is unreadable.

I’ve played with the following classes, and nothing seems to work -


What am I missing? Is there something overriding the dropdown background setting? is this setting within the class manager, or have i misssed a simple tick box somewhere?! Ie one that determines whether the drop down overlays, or pushes the web page content down?

I’m going to use the sidebar menu as a temp fix, but for clients that need dropdown, i need to be able to fix this!

Would really appreciate some help! Thanks in advance :slight_smile: