New Asset Manager- What do you want?

No. I see no point in that. I was referring to some form of hierarchy in the AM itself. Currently it can be a bear to find a specific image if there are a lot of similar ones. Maybe a feature where users can create additional tabs, and drag assets to them to move their display to that tab… and still keep everything flat.

Currently they seem to be in the order of import… and resizing the AM window eventually causes the names to not be displayed so dealing with a large number of them can get a little inconvenient.

Having a list view with smaller thumbs where you could sort by date, name, size, kind would go a long way to make it easier to find the file you’re looking for, but there should definitely be a better way to organize this for folks that may have hundreds of assets.

It would also be nice to have a preference to change the transparent BG in the AM. I have transparent pngs in there with mostly black content and it is impossible to identify them visually. Also not a fan of the low contrast UI in general.

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Ok great info thanks!

YES PDFs as assets! It would be great if the asset manager had subgroups (folders) so that all the images for the “home” page could be found at once, all the pdfs on the “info” page could be located (and changed or updated or whatever) at once etc.

Thanks for doing this! My project has stalled because I am faced with prodigiously long file names for scores of PDF. Assets. Thank you thank you.

A big thumbs up for that one. I’d like this to include server hosted fonts, videos, PDF, zip files, SVG and Jpegs etc.

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currently i follow this discussion with a bit of humor.
2.3.2 was just released on so being state of art by the blocs company.

big bubu - i mean realy big big and to big arround 2,4.
there are still so many issues to be solved in 2 3
worth now talking about 2,4
for me an my compamy no.
i love visisions!
but once you are in the market make your product doing its marketing.
232 doesn´t compared to 231.
should be no commend needed talking about 24 beta beta beta and beta.

first making 232 stable would be a great job.

by now alignmements for example are still not showing as once done in 231.
right arrow in a buttum with text well in line…
switchtching to left alignment - out of any further description - just cr…

double classes you can now awoid in 249 without rebuilding, but you need to find thos d-tour.

currently i dont like the attitude of blocs.
so for now no new projects. but yes - following the developement.

the asset hype here for 24 - very funny.

to make blocs walk in direction of trying bei elderlessond - folders :slight_smile:
and even sub folders + eache asset used has automaticly a hook or colour - and has not to be exprted if not used. On server side it´s always nice to see ONLY whats in.

Current Asset Structure:
Photos / Assets / …? and this +

So folders are possible:
Project /Countries/ Cities/ Sub folders Hotels or Hostels/ and again subfolders for room pictures

Well my way of thinking. not straightforward but setting up a real project.

currently one single site is a projet in blocs and will have it´s index.html.

not yet really ripe to rebuild sites as my index.html will be in seo competition with subfolders in an exising project.

so far - and still following

This is just a discussion, 2.5 won’t ship For months yet most likely August. I just like to invite the users to put forward ideas so I can begin my plans for that next stage. I think most like being involved in helping shape the app.

As for the issues you mentioned, you need to provide some example files via a DM so I can take a look and address the issues. If I can’t replicate the issues, I’m unable to fix them. You should help out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also sorry to hear you don’t like the attitude of Blocs, I appreciate we can’t please everyone. But I think most would agree, Blocs is one of the most actively developed apps in this space at the moment.


Thanks @Norm for giving us the opportunity to help you shape the path for Blocs app. Blocs have grown so much I think some newer users don’t really understand just how this community stands behind your progress developing Blocs. I think some of the opinions of long time users are spot on. Blocs is a great program but no program does everything, some want more, some are very satisfied with the product. It’s another tool in your tool bag.

All I can say to some of the new users, take a look at some of the sites made with Blocs. It’s let me convert all my sites in to responsive sites that my clients are very happy with. If Blocs is not for you then use another program.



I think i’ve already read somewhere here in the forum about this matter, but found no aswer to…
i’d like to know if you could add, since the application only uses google fonts, custom fonts
as asset to import into projects, or any other possible solution,
last week for example my provider for unknown reasons went down
and without connection was impossible to do anything within Blocs, even if those kind
of troubles do not happens so often fortunately, i really would like to have the possibility to use my own custom fonts.
is it possibile?

Local font usage is something we are woking on for the future. That improvement will come It will come via the Font Manager not the Asset Manager.

OK good, I also need local standard web fonts. :+1:

Great, looking forward to it

The Asset Manager in Blocs is indeed very rudimentary and could use an update. Try this:

  1. Launch Blocs.
  2. New document.
  3. Add a row somewhere and then add a picture bric.
  4. Pull-up the Asset Manager to add a 1x pic.
  5. Click Project Assets and then the “+”
  6. Choose your pic and notice how it appears just fine.
  7. Go to the Finder and move the same pic to the Desktop (or another folder if it was on the Desktop).
  8. Return to Blocs, and note that although a preview of your pic remains in the Asset Manager, if you click on your pic on the page, the pic vanishes from the page. Then click on the tiny thumbnail pic to the right of “@1x” in the right sidebar and it will turn black.
  9. Return to the Finder and move your pic back where it was originally.
  10. Return to Blocs and click on the picture frame on the page and note how Blocs restores your picture. Do the same for the thumbnail to make it appear. Blocs will re-establish the link, but ONLY when you put the original asset back in the original location. This is what needs to be improved.

Blocs does not actively track assets when assets are moved outside the original folder.

SoftPress Freeway, in comparison, has always tracked assets. That means if you use Freeway and move an asset, even to the Trash, Freeway knows where it is and retains a link to it. It is only when you trash an asset in Freeway and then empty trash that the link is temporarily broken. And in that case, Freeway will tell you that when you go to Publish, and you will be given a convenient means of relinking missing assets. But when you move the asset out of the trash, Freeway finds it again and re-establishes the link automatically.

Here’s a short screencast from Freeway (no sound) to show what I mean:

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hmm, I get your point, but It’s a very unnatural set of events while working, if this happens when the app is closed the link still breaks. So IMO it’s kinda pointless.

I’m all about app performance and what you are suggesting is that Blocs keep track of asset paths constantly, that’s a great way to eat up available resources and has potential to have a hit on the processor causing the app to slow down with projects that have hundreds of assets to track.

A more practical solution is to make it clear to the user the links to assets break if they change them, one such notification is shown when an asset is first added to a project on the first use of Blocs.

But I will take a look and see if I can come up with a lightweight solution.

EDIT: I may have found a good solution for this, some early tests on projects with only 10/20 assets seem to work fine, I’ll give it a good hammer with a project containing 200 assets and see if it effects Ram and Processor. Hopefully it stands up to the test.

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Use the bluecruise files my son already sent you.
This makes also very sure that these old files haven´t ever be saved under any 2.4 version.

Plus 1 for a folder structure. Maybe a stupid question, but couldn’t the asset manager just connect directly with the finder, i.e. you put a new item in your designated finder folder and it’s autmatically in your asset list?


I could be completely wrong here, but I was reading something earlier about the new APFS file format in High Sierra being very clever at storing and accessing information. It made me wonder if this might open the door to some added or improved functionality in Blocs.

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The asset manager panel should be available when choosing images in the custom class panel…

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… it’s even more frustrating that when a file is chosen from the custom class file picker, the asset panel will appear with the chosen file (good), but you’ll still need to use the file picker again if you need it in another custom class, even though it’s already in the asset manager.

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