New Blocs 3 Update


I’ve stopped migrating my older sites and I’ve been rebuilding them with Blocs 3. They just end up looking better. The more I use 3 the more I like it. Here’s a link to a non-profit website that I just finished redoing. Still a few things to work on but mostly finished. Your comments are always welcomed.



Great website.
I tried to migrate my Blocs 2 websites but gave up.
They just looked a mess.
Like you I build them all from the scratch.


Thank you. Yes I’ve migrated a few and I’ve just decided it’s better to redo them.



That’s looking really nice and yes I agree it does seem better starting from scratch than migrating. This is generally not as onerous as it might seem though, since you already have a design template and content to work with. The sites produced in Blocs 3 just look cleaner than Blocs 2 for some reason.


Thank you. I think any sites that requires updating on a regular basis are worth redoing. Getting to really like being able to adjust and place columns just about anywhere.

Thanks again


Hello @casey1823

The site looks great, nice work!

And yes, I agree with all of your comments - rebuilding the website from scratch using Blocs 3 will always give you a better product.

It will be better even if you recreate it 100% the same, but there is also the experience factor. I am re-creating all of the templates from and in addition to recreating the design, I also manage to improve most of the elements in many ways.



Thank for the kind words. I also found it’s a great time to improve your initial website design. I end up doing a lot more than just recreating.

I think most of the Bloc’s designers that have been with Blocs from the beginning have really improved. I see so many new polished sites. I have learned so much from this community. I feel my skill level has improved.

I can also say that your commitment has inspired a lot of Blocs users.

Thanks again