New Blocs + Hype3 built website - Wayne Thomas Experience Architecture.™


Being a fan of both, I asked if they could be combined to create a new experience for our now “dated” company website.

The developers suggested, and would love to listen, to any and all feedback the community has for them at version 0.7.

Thanks in advance, and enjoy!


Hello @samohtenyaw,

I think you forgot to include a link to the website

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:sweat_smile: thanks Elder for the heads up.

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… also does Firefox etc.

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The link is not https. It will work if http is used.

The site looks like some content is not showing on Safari.

Thanks for flagging this guys, much appreciated.

Got the guys to have a look into it, and the error was due to the SSL cert not being updated, should work like a dream. Thanks again all! Fingers crossed you guys can see it now:

FYI @samohtenyaw - Still doesn’t show any images when you visit with Safari on a Mac…

Same here. Looks like the Hype code is not visible.

Yes, blank spaces on the left. :frowning:

@pauland @webdeersign @Raimo is this actually the design of the size. But getting the feeling from you guys that there should be an image or two.

Maybe the projects page with case studies could be a better example.

I think the empty space to the left just makes me think something is missing. Not working for me, sorry.

Wayne, as far as I’m aware Hype is not being updated anymore, the latest version available (I have the professional version) is really quite old. Also if you’re not used to deploying Hype it can be tricky to get all the files in the right structure and linked correctly although I’ve not had problems with it - it also has significant overheads on the site performance and you need to be super careful about images you use in animations.

Frankly - I wouldn’t use Hype anymore, the industry standard is Greensock and Scrollmagic, you can do pretty much anything with this combination even manage sound (although for sound I would recommend howler.js in conjunction with GSAP the Greensock library).

There’s a little learning curve with GSAP but there’s great resources on their website and the tech support is outstanding.

Hope this helps.

I don’t understand why you are saying that Hype is not being updated anymore. There have been 4 updates to the pro version since April this year and Hype 4 is currently in development. I don’t agree that the Greensock platform is an industry standard. The industry standard for animation is HTML5 and javascript - exactly what Hype produces. Greensock is deployed by tech companies because it is a code-based development environment (javascript),. i.e. you have to write the code in a code editor. Hype, on the other hand, is a complete animation application that makes it simpler for non-coders to create complex animations. Upon completion, it outputs javascript and HTML. For those that wish to add their own Javascript, Hype has an inbuilt editor. Linking files isn’t an issue either. All the files generated by Hype are output to a single folder ready for uploading to a website. The small amount of html code added to a web-page references all the files and resources within that single folder.

I don’t know where you get the idea that Hype creates significant overheads on the site performance. Javascript is javascript and the code output by Hype is no more resource hungry than if the code was written by hand. As for images, they are no more resource hungry than images loaded directly into a web page, A 200kb image is still a 200kb image whether its displayed in page, a gallery, part of a slider or included in a Hype animation.

Whilst Greensock and Scrollmagic are nice pieces of javascript, I would hardly recommend them to none coders as an alternative to an application-based animation environment.

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Yes, it’s been in development for a very long time. I can understand why there’s a feeling that hype development is in trouble.

Happy to be corrected if Hype is still in development - I’ll be interested to see what happens next if anything…

I cannot agree with what you say about overhead - I have used Hype and deployed it and yes it works but it does slow performance, I’ve seen it. I do accept that GSAP requires coding but actually it’s a peach to learn, so easy and frankly everyone should be learning javascript if you’re getting into web development as client expectations are rising and now generally quite high since HTML5.

I understand people like Hype because it has a visual timeline like the old Flash development days but the beauty of GSAP is that the code does the work for you, you just need start and end co-ordinates. The code is very lightweight and you only load the exact library you need and it loads like lightning on the page much quicker than Hype in my experience. I encourage blocs users to visit the Greensock site and check it out for themselves. The green team have done a fantastic job of making the code usable by anyone.

I did not mean to give the impression image size is only an issue in Hype, clearly that’s a nonsense - I mean that Hype’s performance with image handling in complex animations seems clunky to me - again in my experience. So with Hype you need to cut quality of images to improve performance.

I also cannot agree that GSAP is’t the industry standard, most serious design agencies depend upon it. GSAP is hugely respected and I’m positive will be around long after Hype disappears, again IMO. GSAP isn’t just about animation but user experience.

It’s personal preference I guess but for me I don’t bother with Hype anymore but no offence intended to those who do. Happy key framing…

I have used Hype in two projects and would use it in more but the opportunities haven’t been there. I would happily use Hype 3.x in another project.

My feeling is that Hype has been an enabler to tackle highly visual, interactive projects that would have been far more challenging (and less fun) to do without a screen painter environment and a timeline. Yes, I am from a flash background, but equally I like the flexibility of a screen-painter environment - I frequently prefer visual layouts in Apple’s XCode to purely creating those designs through code.

So a big thumbs-up from me for Hype - it has enabled me to earn several thousand pounds worth of business.

I agree that Hype 4 development seems to be lethargic at least and I too think the developers are having issues with it. I’m not sure that’s the same as discontinued. As a developer I know that difficullt place where you want to concentrate development on the next release but may still be needing to enhance existing product until the next release is viable.

I’m not saying Hype is better than javascript framework XYZ but I’d argue with anyone that suggests code-only development always trumps a visual environment.

Use what works for you.

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I like your blank spaces.

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Agreed Paul, what works for you. I’m not knocking Hype, it can be useful but I don’t see it will ever be the way forward.

Can I just point out that actually GSAP does have its own visual development tools with a timeline. I’m not suggesting it’s the same as Hype, there’s no dragging timeline curves etc but the tools are great for those new to the code.

Check it out for yourself



Thanks - I’ll check it out. I used to use the greensock libraries when I was using Flash.