New Blocs website

Would love your feedback.


Superb site. One of the best Blocs sites I’ve seen. My only criticism? Using “impact” as a verb!


Really nice site, Nice design, really informatics and i have never heard about it before.

good work… keep it Up and Good Luck

You nailed It……

Top job! Interesting subject.

Great job bro, it’s one of the most creative website that i’ve ever seen made by blocs (y)

Thanks for the kind words. I discovered many great techniques from this forum!

Really Nice. Best I have seen on this forum!

Nice job @ewolfe . Welcome to the forum also.

I’m just curious, did you develop it entirety within the features and confines that Blocs provides. Or do some further post edits after exporting from Blocs?

Very nice site. I am intrigued, how did you get the animated image in the iphone? Very nice touch

A good amount of external CSS styling from classes I added in Blocs. I had to do some trickery to get the carousel to work the way I wanted it to.

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I created the iphone animation using Principle and saved it as an animated GIF.

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