New Blog Built with Blocs

Just finished making a personal blog using blocs. I know there are easier solutions and I would not recommend doing this for a client. I like having total control over the design and layout.

I used Disqus on each blog page. It seems to work good as long as you only have one comments area per page.

I used MailChimp for signing up for updates. MailChimp also post automatically to my social media accounts.

For new post I just duplicate a blog post and rename page and content. (could have made a template)

For archives I plan on duplicating the home page and change the name. Maybe also change the header area.

Thank You to @Eldar for some suggestions. Comments always welcomed.


Casey, if I had to guess your favourite colour, I think I could do a good job!

Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of your world.


Is my favorite color that obvious? :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking.


I can probably guess your favourite citrus fruit colour too. I am that omnipotent. :wink:

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hi casey I am trying to use disqus but having problems loading it onto blocs using a html widget. It currently just shows script snippet. Do I need to upload the page for it to work or should it preview on blocs?

any help would be awesome


You can use Disqus in Blocs using the built-in Disqus bric.

wow didn’t see that down there

thanks for that !!!

There is a good help guide in blocs. You have to use the name you used when signing up for it. This will show that’s it’s you. Just remember you can only use it once on each page.


Hi ya,

Nice site!

I would like to create a blog on mine but was told blocs does not have a blog. But how you have done yours is perfect!

I take it this is done kind of the long way of a photo and some text and link and then read a page for it?

I’m not sure if to do it that way or create a blog on a blog site like Blocs have done and it just opens on that when clicked but create all links in the blog back to my original site again.

Thanks AdieJam, the Blog is done completely in Blocs. If you’re doing this blog for yourself then it can work well. I didn’t want a wordpress or blogger site, I know Blocs well and I’ve found the Blog sites didn’t let me layout my blog like I wanted. The blogger sites may some advantages but after a few trial and errors I’ve got updating a new blog post down.

I made a couple of page templates (single picture and Lightbox style page) so I start by adding a new page via page template. I then fill out the new blog post. I try to make this as easy as possible so I use just a single size photo. (no 1x 2x, 3x) I started out that way but found it was to much work. I now use a 1,600 wide for landscape and 800 tall for portraits.

On front (index) page it’s really easy. I just duplicate the last post “row” and then change the picture and info. Change the link to the new blog post page.

For archiving the front page once it gets to long, I just duplicate the main page and name it something different. Under older blog post I just create a link to the older post page. I then just delete the old blog post (rows) on the main page.

I use mailchimp and discus also. I have a large domain package and space for my company websites so it’s just as easy as adding a new domain.

Hope this helps…

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