New bric - Owl Carousel


Nice! @Lucas. Just purchased, and looking forward to incorporating this feature into new client sites.


New version 1.0.1 is out today, fixing an index issue that caused the carousel to overlap Blocs menu.

How to update:


Hi Lucas, does this includes the extra white space and deactivation of dots on mobile?


Nope this one has the fix for the index issue, I’l probably add the deactivation of dots on mobile as an option in a future update.


Hey Lucas, for Swiped’s mobile view how can I put the text on the center instead of putting it at the bottom?


hey @Lucas the owl carousel is great. But there is a bug. When im using the carousel bric and the owl carousel at the same page, the carousel bric doesn’t work :frowning:


Hey Lucas,
I try to downöoad the latest version of Owl, but I don´t know where I can find the download link.
Tried everything on the weavers kingdom site without succes.
Support requests via that site are not answered.
Please help


@mackyangeles I’m afraid this is not possible.

@RME I’ll take a look and let you know, probably not a bug but a compatibility issue.

@pixelwork Here’s how to update your bric:


@Lucas I was wondering if you have found any answers on the compatibility issue when using owl with a standard carousel? Lucas I was also wondering if there are any plans on being able to name a owl gallery. This would allow separate Lightbox option with more that one owl gallery on a page.



This has probably to do with Blocs, not sure, I asked Norm to take a look. So for now we may use one or another on a single page. Also I have no plans to update Owl Carousel soon, so for now two carousels will join one lightbox, when this setting is selected of course.


@Lucas I’m sorry to here that you have no plans to update Owl Carousel. It’s a nice feature to have but with it’s current limitations it really limits ones creativity using it multiple times on a page and with the Blocs default Lightbox. I think maybe you should put a disclaimer on the purchase page that tells it’s limitations.



Hi @Lucas. I have a problem with your Owl Carousel.

I incorporated it into this site last month and everything worked perfectly.

I’m now trying to add it another site I’m developing. As you can see from these screensnaps, in the Blocs app and in the View Mode toggle, everything looks fine.

But when I preview the site in any internet browser, the carousel doesn’t work anymore :frowning:

I’ve removed and installed both the Blocs app and your Owl Carousel 1.0.1 Bric plug-in, but the same thing happens. I’m still running MacOS High Sierra. Any thoughts please? Thanks!


Hey Derek I cannot reproduce an issue here. And since it’s working on the other website it probably means there’s something wrong on your end. Try making a fresh new page with the bric and see how it goes.


Hi @Lucas. Yes I think I must have a corrupt Blocs file. I created a new project and the Owl Carousel works. I’m going to rebuild the whole site again, as it isn’t big. If anything breaks your Bric I will let you know! Thanks!


hi @Lucas

I just wanted to buy the OWL CAROUSEL bric but can not find the info if the bric supports stage padding of the carousel when enabled full width of the browser (like on your website when displaying the “themes”) or a single row (also full width).

thx for the support. love the brics as an extansion to blocs :muscle:t2:

:point_down:t2: see screenshot


@michaelokraj the addon used on the main page is not Owl Carousel, but you can achieve almost the same layout with it. I’ve tested Owl Carousel in full width and the padding works fine as far as i can see, I’ve attached a screenshot :point_down:t5:


thx for the response and testing. good to know. will buy it! keep up your great work @Lucas


Nice Tool, but has some issues with the built in blocs Lightbox - and not sure yet if it´s compatible with version 3 including Bootstrap 4.
I would be a bit patient :slight_smile:


In fact there’s no real issue with the lightbox, just that if you’re using more than one carousel in a page both will share the same lightbox.


Well it is…
If you have a blocs gallery the Owl is limited on that site.