New bric: Player


Keep on.


Version 1.1 is ready, adding the much expected feature: multiple players per page :muscle:

Demo is still here, now with multiple instances:

Here’s how to update - topic is for Swiper but the procedure is the same:


Got it.
Give it a try after the Royal Wedding :sunglasses:


There are hundreds of thousands of websites either made for or by musicians that require at the very least a simple audio player …to guess what? Play audio of thier music! Not rare or unusual at all.

There are also many many sites that use the “audio player” for communicating information for those that are listening rather than reading. Samples from books all kinds of things.

Almost all competitors have at the very least a simple audio player as standard faire these days.


@hmm You are right :grinning: We now have an advanced player bric thanks to Lucas.


Just a simple one is all I ask. Competitors have as many as 800 plus “blocks” Themes etc. all included no extra charge. As I said before elsewhere one of the issues with third party botique items is they require support and updating. That’s okay for unique fancy ones. Entirely unnecessary for the standard faire that really should be included in this day and age of web apps.
Norm said he will be including an audio player and more Brics and Blocs soon. That’s good news.
It tough for one person to do all of this.


Wondering if anybody would mind helping me? I purchased the Player Brick, it looks BEAUTIFUL! I made a folder called “media” in the same folder as the website resides in. I then made two more folders because I need to separate the music. So, I follow the video, and the website instructions, but I am unable to get the Player bric to recognize any audio. It comes up blank.

Then I save the project and re-open it and I get a pop-up window with this message:

“Blocs is unable to find the following project assets, use the controls below to browse your hard drive and reconnect them”.

I can’t screen-shot it because it disappears when I select the screen grab app.

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated. It’s a beautiful-looking player, I’d love to use it!


OK, got it to work, nevermind - had to reset the folder in the project settings.


Guys! There are a lot of very cool free online music player right? I mean I understand someone put a lot of work into this but look you have lot for music players there and for free :slight_smile:


Several reasons why so called “free” audio/video or others may be bad or not really “free”.

  1. embedded links that point to 3rd party entities that may or may not be harmful to the site.
  2. inadequate customer support when things don’t work as expected. This happens all the time.
  3. limited time frame and or number of audio/video content you are allowed for “free” then you have to pay.

Read this FAQ page from your example>music-player-podcastmusic-player-podcastmusic-playerPW

  1. many other reasons but I still contend simple standard faire audio and video players should be included (like tires with a new car) . If you want something special fine…go to third party.


It works pretty good for me, same speed as amazing audio player.