New bric - Swiper / Full page slider


For example, I’m using Montserrat 300 installed via Google Fonts. It only recognize 900 on all my google font installed. Including Lato and Raleway. PLEASE CHECK!!!

Is this possible (slideshow)?

@mackyangeles Fonts works just fine as far as I can see, please DM a copy of your project so I can figure out why the fonts are not working for you.


I’ve sent the project directly from

Strange thing happened. After reinstall the swiper bric everything worked fine.
After fiddling with the settings a while, the same thing happened again. The side Panel does not show the settings for swiper.


@Lucas, congratulations on the release of Swiper! Great work!


Thanks @Eldar :grinning:


I think this might be a teething issue with the api. Sit tight I’m committed to making the API as solid as possible and I know @Lucas has the same level of commitment to his work.


Have you seen the Google Font issue for changing font styles?


Hi Lucas,
Well done and thanks! :facepunch:
I just order it, waiting for the e-mail and than i gone trying it out.

Norm, thanks :fist_right:
In the past i always work with Freeway (was a very good app, at the time) but my last websites made by blocs. And it works great. Faster than Freeway.
Also thanks to Edgar with his tuts and support!


@mackyangeles I’m looking into it, maybe the caption font-weight rule is to blame. I’ll let you know asap.

@eriks Thanks :grinning:


Yes, I think so… Please let me know asap. Cause I’ll be integrating this to my project I’m working on right now. Thanks!


Swiper’s already in my next project. Brilliant. One suggestion, could you include a ‘scroll to’ function as well as the link?


Thanks @sim
I’ll keep your request for future consideration, although I’m not sure but I don’t believe this is current possible or available at the developer’s API at the moment.


New version 1.01 is available today. I removed the font weight rule that could cause issues in some fonts and added a new class to position a fixed navigation bar on top of Swiper.

I’ve also made a new article on how to update:


@Lucas, @Norm,
I did install the new version as recommended.
But my problem is still there.


The file didn’t get through to me at support email. Maybe send a direct download link.


Did you get it?


I entered my order email and received an email but no links, no downloads to do


You may also use the same download link of the purchase invoice, it will serve the latest version.


Yes, the issue is caused by a return you inserted into the caption fields. That was basically breaking the loader of the sidebar UI. I’ll put something in place and get a fix out today.


Fix is now live.