New category "Custom Brics"?


Hello @Norm,

I think it will be a good idea, if you add a new category like “Custom Brics” or something similar, so it is easier for people to find brics made by others. So developers can present there their brics.


I was thinking the same,I am slightly confused with the extensions and search turning up no results also :+1:t2:


Good idea, I’ve just added one.


I can’t find the new category. Am I just being hasty?



Thanks, but I still get this:

Screen Shot 19


There’s nothing to download. It’s just another category in the forum.


I understand there is nothing to download. None of the links are working for me. I will keep trying it over time.


I am getting the same error page!


for me it is the only time I do not get errors :smiley:


I can’t even see it in the category list. For me it is the only time I have seen an error lol.

Correction, if I go to the category page I can see it, but still get the error.


Works for some not for others - sounds like a clear cache, restart browser etc., situation.

For those whom its not working for it does not work in any browser ?


Sorted, thanks. Caching never even crossed my mind, though it should have been the first thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: