New company website

Hej Allihopa,

I just launched my new website for my new Swedish webdesign company. Big thanks go out to @Jakerlund for translating and ofcourse many forum members for always inspiring me.
Have a look, shoot and tell me what you think or maybe what isn’t working.



Very clean design. I like it. :+1:


Great job @Jasper, keep up the good work! Yes, I agree, the Blocs forum is a strong resource!

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@Jasper Good job mate :sunglasses:

  1. I noticed your menu “TJANSTER” is wrong, it should be “TJÄNSTER”
  2. Also “När Jag bygger inte webbsidor och appar för ditt företag” should be “Jag bygger webbsidor och appar till ditt företag”

Personally i’m not a fan of right aligned text, it’s just weird to red it like that.

Cheers / Johny


Tack Johny, I will look into it!

Good design, simple but attractive, but wave graphics should be done in Illustrator and avoid pixelation.

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Thanks! A very important detail…I seem to have forgotten to fix this in an earlier stage. Thanks for pointing it out.

You’re welcome Jasper keep the good job… :+1:

Hi @Jasper very good site. How you this with the wave forms ? The wave form is inside the picture ? And how you do this with the Lines on the site of the screen ? Very cool

In an early development stage I integrated the waves into the picture itself. But as @DinaxCharles kindly pointed out it should not be done this way. I will be rendering them as a separate .svg and placing them over (z-index) the picture to avoid pixelation. The lines are just .svg files with a -50px margin left (or right) custom class moving them to the edge of the frame. Just tinkering basically :wink:

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Hi @Jasper thanks for your answer. The lines look like there were between two blocks? Do you great a structure …use the negativ margin and set the height of the bloc to zero or something ? Sorry :blush:
And is there an tutorial for the things with the waves? And z-Index ? @webplus wrote a lot over z-index. But how this work? :thinking:
Thanks Tom

Yo @Jasper

Found another thing to fix.

Remove the “inte” from the subtitle:
“Jag bygger inte webbsidor och appar för ditt företag”
It now says (I do not build websites…)

It should simply be: “Jag bygger webbsidor och appar för ditt företag”


@Jakerlund thanks! taken care of. I think this got lost in translation somehow…
My idea for the headline was to be saying: I love my garden, when I’m not building websites/apps for your company. It is a bit of crazy Dutch sarcastic way of building a sentence I guess. Looking into it to maybe change it all the way. Maybe: I love my garden, but also like to build you websites and apps for your company. Thoughts?

Hello @tom2 the z-index is like layers in a photo editing program like (Affinty Photo, Photoshop,…) The higher the z-index value the higher the layer.

Hi @webplus but there is no option in blocs ? For example, when I have a background image in full size and an H1 text above … and I also want to have a separate layer with, for example waves or so on the bottom over the photo ? And that on desktop and mobile ? Is there an way to do this ?! An easy way ? :blush:

I would suggest to put the waves .svg in a bloc below and set the margin to a negative number so the waves will slide over the background image. Adding a custom class to it in a seperate CSS file setting the z-index to +1 or +2. This is most likely how I would fix my own pixelated waves to .svg. I will…soon.

Hi @Jasper thanks for you answer. Okay , I understand. But the way with the waves into the picture is more easy for me :smile: I know the things with the negativ margin and custom class. But I don’t know the things how to add, or witch code I had to add to do something like this. I hope there will come a tutorial :smile: and with the lines into the picture? It seems the svg is between the two blocs. I have tried it but I have this space between the text bloc / than the bloc with the svg / and than again the other text bloc. Oh … I don’t understand. But …again. You have made a really cool site! Tom