New export option /replace files or not

I know where this option is appearing

“Added export option for replacing older exported versions, you now have a option of updating everything or only files that have changed.”

But am not sure how to track the changes. Each time if you choose “just to replace files that are updated” and not complete project nothing happens. The dates are changed for each of the project exported files.

My thinking was that the dates just changed by re updated files. And not for the folder structure and other inside folders and files.

@JDW @Norm do i miss something here?

It just changes the files that Blocs exports, if you were to add additoinal file sto that directly after blocs export, exporting to it again and choosing to replace only Blocs files will leave those additional files in place.

I hope that helps.

Yep that was my thoughts

I taught in first that when you for example change something on one page and export the project again, that just those changed files are exported.

With this feature you can track the changed or modified dates (of files) and just upload those files to server :smiley:

Thanks Norm

For reference, here is the dialog in question:

I myself only click “Yes, replace all” because when I export to an existing folder I want all of the contents of the existing folder to be obliterated and completely replaced by what Blocs exports, even if I had manually placed files or folders in that pre-existing folder. Previously, that was impossible but the new dialog makes it possible. This is a rather important new feature because in MacOS when you “replace” something with the same name, that thing is truly obliterated and replaced with whatever you are saving/exporting at the time. In other words, the new dialog allows you to chose whether to “replace the Blocs way” (not obliterating everything in a folder) or “replace the normal MacOS way” (replace the entire folder).

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