New feature "update only changed files" not working?

So I just installed the new update and started testing a few things.

I first opened an existing site in the new version and saved it. Then I changed some text on one of the pages and saved my work. When exporting a modal appears asking me if I want to “Replace the updated files only”, to which I said yes.

However it seems to me that all the files have been updated. The times stamps on the files all show the time of the newest update. So it seems that this feature is not working correctly? Or (most probably) I am doing something wrong?

I haven’t tried this, but did you make changes to a global area? That would explain all pages showing the new date, otherwise it sounds like the feature is not working, unless a custom class was involved that affected other pages.

hi Flashman,

No I made changes to some text in the content area. No global areas, global code, fonts etc. were touched. Just typed “xxx” in an existing paragraph …

It sounds like a bug then but I’d try once more, since I don’t know if this takes account of projects that were exported before the update when this feature was enabled.

The blocs export still exports the entire project files, it just doesn’t remove files added after export to the target directory.

For example, you export as normal, then outside of Blocs you add a bunch of other files to the root directory or something, this new export options prevents those files being cleared.

What you are referring to is blocs only exporting changed files, not everything fresh. That’s somthing that will come later when I rewrite the export functions. Individual page export.

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ah, I see. I mistakenly thought this feature meant “only export files that have been changed”. Now I understand :slight_smile:

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