New features in Blocs +

I can see 2 new features in Blocs + release notes:

  • Wordpress custom loop controls.
  • Below dashboard position option for Wordpress custom post type.

What are those and what do those?
I couldn’t find anything different in the WP Loop settings we had already in previous Blocs, but likely I miss something
Also, as far I know Blocs can’t register Post Types, so I am wondering what the second option is for? Again here I couldn’t find any new settings or things that would relate to post types positions.

Probably I miss something, pretty sure I look at the wrong place… inputs appreciated :wink:

The loop controls let you set the post loop count, select a column with Wordpress loop data and you’ll see the input field.

The position option is for custom posts you create with Blocs, it’s in the custom Wordpress data manager, custom post position options.

Incase you didn’t know, there is a way to register custom posts and fields with the Wordpress data manager it’s in the Main Menu > Window

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Didn’t know I actually can register the post types and field directly in blocs!
This is really cool!

Going to sleep and dream :thought_balloon: and play with that tomorrow !

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