New forum section for freelance designers

I wonder if it’s possible to include a category on the forum for freelance web designers using Blocs that is only visible to members of that group. This could be a place where designers can talk about all aspects of freelance work, but without having it picked up by Google etc, which would allow people to speak more freely.

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good idea I’ll look into it, still finding my way around this new forum.

A general category on all things related to web design might be useful addition for the forum as well. I was just reading an article about the mind blowing increase in mobile usage on the internet that would probably be of interest to several designers here, but there isn’t really an appropriate section.

When you read the stats you start to realise that desktop should almost be an afterthought because all the momentum is with mobile and tablet. For online sales tablets now have the highest conversion rates.

As the world is full of internet, thus the need of website designer has increased.