NEW! German Excellence Solutions, Inc

Check out our latest release! New Website Design hope you like it :slight_smile:


The link isn’t working for me

Sorry for that! The site is up again :slight_smile:

Looking good.

I am intrigued by the idea of German excellence in cleaning. Of course, Germans are clean, but I’ve never thought of them in relation to cleaning.

I’m intrigued by the use of English for the site - is it aimed at ex-pats and foreign businesses? or are people in the Phillipines used to English-language sites?

For native-english speakers the copy is a little strange in places, but I suspect it just reflects the way local languages work and English may be spoken as a second language.

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Thank you @pauland! :slight_smile:

GES is a German company based in the Philippines. English is our second language here… :slight_smile:

Great work Macky!
This site definitely goes to Blocs website of the day category on Built with Blocs!


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Why is there no Malay language version?

Thank you for the support @Eldar :slight_smile:

Hi @pauland, because Malay is not our Language haha

My question might be rephrased: Why only an English-language version for this site?

Haha because English is our language here, why do we have to translate on different languages. We’re all educated and we know how to understand and speak english. Haha.

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That’s interesting to know. I hadn’t expected English to be so prevalent.

Really nice site. Do you make templates for sale by any chance :slight_smile:

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Hi @PDarbyshire, Thank you for the comment! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Me and my team only do custom made Blocs designs. If you need some templates for Blocs Sites you can check out my friend @Eldar’s Blocs Templates :slight_smile: for premium looking sites for a very affordable price :slight_smile:

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Hi Macky,

Sorry but I meant a custom website for me. I have emailed you the details through the ‘contact’ form at your company.