New Here / Question about Sending a Preview Link to my Customer

Hi all, I’ve been researching Blocs for the last few days, working with the trial version and so far I love what I see! I am coming over from Muse and have been looking at so many different programs, my brain is cramping but I think I’ve found my new home. So excited to get started!

Your support docs, forum posts and You Tube info has been so helpful in answering most of my questions about Blocs but I have one more question. I know a lot of people build out mockups to send to their customers, in other programs such as Photoshop or Sketch maybe (not sure, I’ve just heard that name before!) but in the past I usually am able to send my customer a preview link of some sort, like in Muse with hosting on business catalyst, it was It was not a published site yet so they could see how their site was progressing before it was actually published.

How do you all handle previewing with your customer when using Blocs? Not a deal breaker, just curious.

Thanks so much! So excited to get started.


Hello @annette0216!
In my case I create a sub domain, inside my domain, and then just add a specific folder with the initials of my client and add the exported webpage from blocs to that folder.
For exemple your domain is
And your client is John Doe, so you create a subdomain: with nothing in there, and then export the webpage that you are creating to the folder JD, so you send the following link to your costumer:
This is how I do it, but let’s listen some other users…

PS: Welcome

I do almost the same thing. I don’t create a subdomain, I just export a folder with the clients/domain name and upload it to my host site. I then just send them the link.


Ok, that’s doable. I’m new to ftp but have used it before so I think I can figure that out.

Thanks so much for your quick replies!


Here’s a link to some discussions of different FTP clients. One thing you will find out is that the search feature in the forum has some really valuable information


Excellent, I’m going to need help in this area!