NEW! HIFI Zone Sound Studio Website

Hi guys! Fresh release! Check out my new project now up. HIFI Zone Sound Studio :slight_smile:

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Your best yet! I really like it.

The news and reviews columns - make the buttons align horizontally and make them all the same height.

Commercial installation: I think the background images are just too dark.

I know people think black == sexy/classy , but sometimes black == oppressive . I’d consider dialling back the black to a dark grey so the contrast isn’t so harsh with white.

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Good looking site.

I normally don’t like black sites but in this case it suits the HiFi market and the contrast of the images works really well.

Not just this site, but I see this in so many Blocs sites, which is that the text is way too small and needs to be 16px or 18px minimum. Also the font type and weight is too light for the font size used which makes the text look a bit unpleasant and hard to read. It will be unreadable by some with poor eyesight. Just to reiterate, this is a thing I see in many Blocs sites. As a recovering fontohilic I don’t like the tile font much and I think it would look cleaner using the same body font. E.g. The tile “services offered” looks wrong to me.

A really good medium weight font such as Proxima Nova in 18px would elevate this site to a new level. Maybe try something similar from Google Fonts.

Again a bit of a Blocs criticism but the way that the 4 column Bloc collapses to 4 stacked images is far from ideal. The 4 column collapses late making the 4 images a bit small and then the collapsed images go huge and the length of the page is greatly increased. A better way would be to collapse earlier to a 2 column top of a 2 column and then at about 450, stack all images on top of each other. I haven’t used Blocs for a while and can’t remember if it can do this but if possible that would be better.

PS You have a distinctive style which not many people have.

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I’m not a big fan of black either but it works well with this site. I think just a darker color might also work.

As always I think your designs are really nice, that said i find the text to small and hard to read. I know you like this size in your designs but as far as readability for me its just not there.

@pauland sent me a nice article on text readability.


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Hi I’m impressed by the drop down menu where you inserted your company details on the top. How did u do it?