NEW -HiveCreate Website- Design/Tech Company

Check it out!

Based in Dallas, TX USA

more projects to come!

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Looks good, one comment. The font on the subheading “Creative Development and IT Solutions” looks off with the rest if the site.


I like the site. It loaded fairly slow on my phone connection. Maybe check the images used for optimization. I also do not like the font used in the sub-heading. It’s really hard to read compared the the rest of the site.

It also has some problems on the smaller phone size screens. You need to adjust the heading size font.

Nice job.

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Noah, is this your company or are you designing this for that company?

I think there are problems with your design and I’ve removed my earlier content detailing them.

If this was one thing you absolutely should do it’s to simplify the contact page to be a very few fields.

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Thanks Paul! this is for myself. my compay

I don’t really like the two questionnaire forms and they way they function. It looks a bit messy having them scroll independently. The scrolling breaks the design. Maybe it would be better to have the two forms set up in narrower bricks and have them hidden on page load. You could then have two buttons, one for web design and one for IT enquiries. Clicking the buttons then reveal the appropriate contact form. Just apply the toggle visibility action to each button and have the action target the appropriate form.


That’s very much an understatement…

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