New Interaction Type for links: 'Custom URL'

Request New Interaction Type: ‘Custom URL’

  • I have a Button that should navigate to action:
  • When I type this URL into the field, it looks fine, but behind the scenes, Blocs puts

at the front, breaking my Button.

  • I am proposing a new option in the pulldown called ‘Custom URL’ or something, and allows pasting in an URL un-altered.

  • Or, a check box to disable ‘fixing’ URL that is saved with button, similar to ‘New tab’ and ‘No follow’ check boxes. It could be enabled by default…

Link I want:

Link I get:

As it is, I must remember to edit the html in text editor every time I make a small change to the web site.

EDIT: Just adding a note as to why I need this: I am iOS developer for enterprise apps. This is the type of URL that is needed to download and app from web site.

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