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Last month Adobe finally killed their Business Catalyst Web/CMS/CRM product offering. It’s been a long, slow death. In fact it’s been over 3 years. It was this announcement – and the fact that I was loosing my site and all my client’s sites – that made me search for a new web development app, and to discover Blocs.

In all honesty, Adobe did me a big favour. I’ve never been happier! @Norm and his team provide us with an amazing suite of tools. As do the creative developers out there, who supply us with additional HTML loveliness through their Bric plug-ins.

The new version of my [gawr-juhs] site - which I launched recently – has been developed using Blocs 4. It also incorporates @InStacks VoltCMS; @Malachiman’s Easy Burger; and @Whittfield’s Smart Nav.

As with all sites, there is still work to be done, but I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve achieved so far - especially now that I can amend and update the site from anywhere using any device.


Nicely presented. Only seen on my phone so far.

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Your too kind! And thanks for your splendid work too. Your Brics work a treat. Although I’ve not incorporated the Flexy Foot one into a live project yet.

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Flexyfoot is used by default now on every project of mine. I start new websites using a draft project file including essential settings and flexyfoot is there in the global footer.

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Nice website - really tidy! flows well and its inviting for users to browse - well done !

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Thanks for your kind words @AdieJAM. The previous version was far too complex and difficult to navigate around. I guess this was another benefit of being forced to redevelop my site. It made me reconsider what services and work potential customer would want to know about and see, and how I delivered that information to them quickly. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

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Good to know @Flashman. I need to have a look at that particular Bric again. It may be perfect for a project that I’m currently in discussions with a new client about.