New Line needed

Can someone please tell me how to insert a New Line?
When using Word it’s simply Shift/Enter.
I’ve search every source and cannot find the answer.
@Norm @Eldar @Jakerlund @anyone :slight_smile:

Background I’ve made 7 columns. Made a Custom Class to have a colored background for the first column. I added a Header or Paragraph. I type say a Title and then a Sub-Title in the same area. What ever my line height is set to that’s what it is. When I duplicate my finished Column and move it to 2, 3, 4… it stay the same. I cannot add another Sub-Title without changing all of the Column content.
This would be so much easier if I could just use “New Line”.

Just hit return, it sometimes may require two hits.

By the way how can I align each Column to line up on the bottom, so it looks like stairs?

I wish it was that easy Norm. When I do that it just makes more space… like enter a Paragraph Mark.

If it’s not clickable, use a graphic and add the content text in the alt description.