New on-site SEO analyzing tool!


Hi all!
I am extremely proud to announce that I’ve launched the final beta of my on-site SEO analyzing tool Pulno.
It analyzes website speed and potential performance problems, link juice flow, unique content.
It also helps inexperienced users to create an SEO TODO list with documentation and tips on how to fix certain issues.
And on top of that also generates optimized images, optimized CSS and SEO report that will help you optimize your website.
It has a free plan with a 200 pages per month limit.
I would be glad to answer any questions you may have.


Looks good so far. Thanks


Hello @JacekWieczorek

It seems a very good idea and it looks very good.
I will perform tests and I will comment.

Thanks for sharing.



Thank you John. Your feedback is highly appreciated!


Great site, very responsive, have made a number of changes to my site already based on this

Love the way it checks 50 pages at once, lots of other sites only do one at a time

Only constructive criticism is that it doesn’t give an overall SEO quality score like some of your competitors. Not that one is needed for any real utilitarian reason, but people like that kind of thing