New Particles Bric


Could someone explain me how to make Particles Bric visible or working?
I added it to a Hero Bloc but couldn’t see it on preview.
Thanks in advance.

Haven’t tried it, but did you preview in browser?

make sure you have something in the row like text,

Yes I did.

Even though.

Thanks guys for your reply.

This is ok?
This the bric applied and the browser preview:

Hi, don’t forget to set the color of the particles,

example: my background color is pink, and I put the color of the particles in white, if you use a white background the color of the particles changes

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Got it!
Thanks so much Nelo!

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That’s correct, you need to assign a colour to the particles. By default they are white.


Thanks Norm.

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I would like to add this effect to my existing project.
The Blocs is allways freezing and export isn’t working either. :frowning:

Particles Bric v. 1.0.1.
Blocs v. 3.4.1.


@Norm What do you think?

Hmm :thinking:

First thing I would do is test the Bric in a blank project just to make sure it’s project related.

If it is project related, send me a copy of the project file and I’ll try to replicate the issue for you at my end and find out the cause.

I sent a pm with link to the project file.

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It doesn’t seem works on video background. only image or solid background. right?