NEW! Primex Corporation Website


Hi guys! New Project Site is up! Check it out. :slight_smile:


Very nice site. I really like the menu and the home icon. The dropdown looks great as the whole site. It also looks nice on the mobile front, I alway like it when you take the time to make site look just as good on a mobile device. I know it takes a lot of time but I think its worth it.

Great Job! Your clients should be very happy.


Nice site well designed though I think the text is one or two sizes too small.

I know right now it is the thing to use small grey text - but text is not a decoration it is meant to be read.

Considering what the site is promoting I would add that there will be visitors with less than optimum eyesight visiting.

I’m sure the owners of the site would like results from their site - easy to read text is a vital part of getting prospective enquirers.



amazing design :heart_eyes:


Looking good @mackyangeles
What, if anything, was added post export from Blocs?


Totally disagree Barry, I find it perfectly legible - try this.


@apswoodwork Everything is built within Blocs :slight_smile:


I think Barry is right with the text size. I found it to be a little hard to read also. It’s ok but I would have to enlarge the text in my browser. Still, very impressive site.



@mackyangeles Could you share your technique for getting the home icon to display next to the Hamburg menu?


It’s just a empty bloc placed 2 icons for Home and Hamburger Icon then add Interaction adjust both justified to right :slight_smile:


Thank You, a very nice way to make your own menu. Maybe a little more work but very nice. Just tested it and works great. I’m thinking of all the possibilities this could have.

Another reason why this forum rocks, sharing great techniques.