NEW Project, what do you think?

Hey guys, this is a new project of mine. The website is not finished yet. Some functions do not working yet.
What do you think about the design and the website? I appreciate your feedback.


I like it! The panels with the sliced looking images look really nice. I like the feel of the site and it reads well.

I’m not sure about all the the parallax between each section. For me it might detract a little from the overall flow of the site. Maybe a little to much parallax.

I’m sure you will refine it and do some adjustments before your done.

Nice work.

Great work again! :blush:

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nice work!
I still dont understand how you get the white boxes?

it is very easy. it is just a panel below the picture. you can adjust the panel with the custom class .panel
Make it white color and without a box shadow. the result can you see at the webpage.


Hahaha I have missed this whole panel part in blocs, thanks for the help!

i use this feature very often.

Schön geworden, hab’s allerdings nur am Handy angeschaut. Sehr ästhetisch.

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On my iPhone i have a problem with the yellow button in the menu.

Nice work, classy site… curious what script font are you using?13 AM

Same here.

thanks, i did change the menu.

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