NEW Redesign R+V

Hi guys, the company has changed the corporate design and therefore the site has been redesigned.

Your comments are welcome. Thanks.


Site is well designed and clean.

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Clean and tasteful as always.
I saw, you’re using the image overlay bric with the url set to “mailto”.
Do you know to make it open a modal?

Oder auf deutsch gesagt: weißt Du wie man mit dem Button ein Modal öffnen kann?

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It’s really nice site. I like the use of colors and some of newer Blocs features. It shows just come far Blocs has come.

I’m not a big fan of paragraphs extending full width. I think a site reads better with a 8/10 column parapragh width.

Great job!

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Hi @Bootsie leider kann ich Dir diese Frage nicht beantworten. Habe ich bisher noch nicht gemacht. Sorry.

Schicke Seite. Ich würde den Prelouder entfernen. Sieht altmodisch aus.

Die Farbe der Buttons gefallen mir persönlich nicht (passt nicht ins Gesamtbild) und ich würde die Videos mit einem Modal auf der Seite einbinden, sodass der Kunde auf der Website bleibt und sich nicht auf YouTube verliert .

Viele Grüße

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Danke. Die Farben sind vom Unternehmen vorgegeben. Das ist das neue Corporate Design. Was würdest du entfernen?

No need for Sorry.
I wait till Norman powers up the bric.
He promised. :wink:

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*Den Preloader.

Danke. Ich habe Deine Tipps umgesetzt. :slight_smile:

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when you close the modal with the video, the audio is still running.
This is a well known issue.
There is a script for this problem but I can’t find it.
Please take a look for yourself.

The code is something like this, but yes there are a number of threads about this.

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
  $("body").on('', function (e) {
    var $iframes = $("iframe");
    $iframes.each(function(index, iframe){
      $(iframe).attr("src", $(iframe).attr("src"));

hey, thanks but the code doesn’t work.

That’s because this code only works with embedded videos but not with local videos.
You can implement an embedded video in a modal.
Or maybe somebody knows how to change the code for a local video.

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Yes. That’s for videos embedded from YouTube etc. So you must be using a local hosted video.

I’m on my phone so can’t test it. But most likely your targeting <video> and not iframe.

@Pealco should have a solution.

Hello @Malachiman it was very difficult but I think I found a solution, mixing some codes…

  1. You have to add the local video in some space in your page and then hide it with properties (this is for you have the ability to preview the page or else you have to after export add the local video to the folder /vid.

  2. For this example give the modal an ID = “modal-2”

  3. Inside the body of the modal you can add the following code:

     <div class="embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9 d-block ">
     <iframe width="560" height="315" source src="vid/21166484.mp4" type="video/mp4" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="" class=""></iframe>
     document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
     	$("#modal-2").on('', function (e) {
         $("#modal-2 iframe").attr("src", $("#modal-2 iframe").attr("src"));
  4. You change 21166484.mp4 to whatever video you have.

Note: You have to change the size of modal and video to accomplish your needs.

Hope it helps you… there you have the page working:



That works.
Thanks a lot Pealco. (The one and only)

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Hey @Pealco that’s great. Works well in Safari. In Chrome or Firefox, the video starts automatically in the background.

cool page. In the contact form I would change the text in German ( required )
And I think its important that the name and email also is required …


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And in my opinion I think its better to do a thin white border around the “scroll to top” button …