New site - Ancari


There is a new webpage done only with blocs. ANCARI

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Well done! I’m not a fan of the entry page, I like a hero entry better that load the whole site. It’s just my preference, you did a nice job.

It’s great to see so many great sites made with Blocs.


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Agreed about hero page

Yes, I’d agree that the “click to enter” page is a relic of websites of the past and not really helpful today.

I’m not a fan of the very dark colours used - white text over a busy background makes things harder to read, as does text in a big slab.

I’d definitely drop the mouse-over swinging animations.

I’d also consider replacing all those multi-image boxes with a larger single image. The little images are just too small to be worthwhile.

If I can’t see the prices, why is the link there?

A lot of little niggles, but a good first start!


Many thanks about your ideas and helps.

I done a few changes as @casey1823, @apswoodwork and @pauland told, please check. - ANCARI

One more time, very thankful for your time!

UPDATE: Add the password control in price product access. Thanks @pauland