New site

I’ve built a new Blocs website to redirect to my podcast and vlog. New pages will be added and a lot of new functionality will be incorporated. I hope you like it.

Comments are welcome.

Nice site, I like the header movie …
If was me I just add the “same height” Bric so you have the 4 players alligned.
But I’m not a design person, more code design…

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Very nice and simple along with a lot of information, bravo.
I would also go for the same hight on all 4 players just as a matter of optical corectness.
Also Episode 4 the frame has rounded edges while the other 3 are squared.
Personal feeling of course…

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Either a Carriage Return on the last line of the text above the players or another bloc with the 4 players or an adjustment top alignment or a class to get the players in one horizontal pane.

The players do play all at once if all clicked. The active player does not stop play, when another player is started. Cacophony. The Bric player of Blocs is totally useless, because even the basic usage need is not made possible. The common usage is to have more than one player in a Bloc or Page. You would have to look for another player and/or code for it.

The website layout I like, except for the grey pictures (where the first one has got a different frame).

Well done.

Nice tip. Thank you. I will implement it.

A. yes. Thank you for pointing that out.

I will have to look at what you are suggesting. Thank you.

Tiny things: on iPhone view the “featured podcasts” headline is too big and only half visible until you start scrolling after which it behaves itself. Typographically you have a par indent on the par immediately after “Hi I’m Edzart” and nowhere else.

Otherwise it looks great. I love the water and bubbles.

Thank you Chiefsub68.
The devil is in the details.

@Straler if you allow me:
Home: ok
Podcast: you have a lot of url addresses but no link to it, and the viewers don’t like to copy paste the url, so you can consider in create links: ex.
About: you have the cookie consent in this page, and you should have the cookie consent in the main page.
Affiliates: ok
Subscribe: if was me I keep the title as you have in the others pages, and create content to have the footer in the buttom of the page.
Is only things that I improve if it was my webpage.