New site - feedback welcome

just migrated this site over to Brics.

feedback welcome

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Hi, @nzfudge
I think it is a standard web design.
I would like you to decorate the head banner image a little more.
Good job.

thanks, it is very much a simple website, i replicated their existing site for ease, over time we will now evolve the new site as it is much simpler in Blocs :slight_smile:

Simple site as you said.

I did find the splash of red, green, sky blue a pleasant edition to my eye in connection with the rest of the color choices, and I found the h1 Nurse Consultant Services a bit too large to my eye, as well…perhaps more padding around it, or just a bit smaller font size without losing it’s h1 status.

color is so subjective, but as a nursing service, colors that speak to the heart and need of the client’s may be warranted? It’s really just a preference thing…though there is some science to color theory and human emotions, too.

Hope that’s helpful.

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