New site in progress

Hello everyone, I am working on a new site, it is not finished yet but I would like to know what your opinion of the site is.

Any comment is very well received


Coming along nicely.

It would be nice to have less animation.

It would be nice to have some differentiation between property rows (alternate the row background with a subtly different colour).

The contact link doesn’t work as expected.

Hi @nelo

Looking good!

The main bg image is to small and large… :thinking:

  1. It’s 1280x720 px which gets upscaled and doesn’t look as good as it should.

  2. It’s way to heavy, it’s 1,8 Mb and result in a slow loading page.
    Dropping that image on reduces that image with -78% down to 400 Kb.

That site does a fantastic job on JPG, PNG and PDF files.
And it does it without any visual degradation.
I run every image through that site and the sum of all little savings gives a fast loading site.


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