New Site Pages Not Being Added To Menu

Hi Guys,
This site is not adding new pages to the menu, I’ve checked the settings in wordpress and it’s using the right menu but new pages are not being added to the menu, any ideas?


Check if the source for the menu set to ‘None’. If so, you need to manually add a link to the new page. The pages will automatically be added if the source is set to ‘Primary Menu’.

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Thanks Eldar, appreciate the help. The menu is set in blocs to Primary Menu but it isn’t adding new pages to the menu on the live site.


Try reseting the cache or view in the Private Mode.

First thing I did but nothing happens. Tried in other browsers too

Tried the refresh thingie here(?):

Yup, did the thing with the thingy…


I had almost the same issue, randomly. Adding a new choice to the menu places just the words ‘New Link’ instead as the option instead of the proper name.

Even going into the menu and checking, everything looks fine. Only way around it I’ve found is to change the name, then add another menu choice the same and go back and delete the original. Such a pain

Interesting, I’ll look into that. Thanks for sharing…