New Site - with Volt CMS

Hi everyone

Finally, all translations have been completed (English-French-German).

Still some missing details and pictures from the client, but the site is now live.

Probably not everyone’s cup of tea - a cat club site specific to Birman cats (Sacred cat of Burma)

If any native German speaking sees any bad translation they are more than welcomed to share their findings.

Comments are welcomed as well as any found errors, wrong links, etc…


Many thanks in advance.


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Looks great! Only on my mobile in your calculation page the form is much too big

It had a slightly strange opening with a delay of roughly 6-8 seconds before the page appeared. Before that it was just plain white. I also wondered about the legibility of white text on a light background.

I have two client sites starting in the next week or so that will use Volt, so it should become more familiar. There is a another existing site done in Blocs where the client wants to add blog functionality, so I am wondering when that will be available. The client has another site done with Wordpress and doesn’t like it.

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Hi Ronald @r_botman

It can be scrolled horizontally to see all of it. That said, people generally will use the desktop.



Hi @Flashman

6-8 seconds is not normal - but in the meantime I re-uploaded the site so it may in turn be the reason. The scoring for speed on desktop was actually good.

Were you on a desktop ?

Indeed, I agree. The client does not want this part to be too forthcoming as it is intended only for members and not general public. I may actually increase the shadow a bit to have it pop out a little bit more.



PS : Regarding Volt - now that I have been using it a lot - there are many things you need to be careful with the naming of the content - for instance I will be using all heading names in the volt content names, additionally making sure all classes used to style volt content is easily understood by the client.

Yes I was on a desktop computer with a 76mbps fibre connection. I tried it first on Safari and then on Brave with the same result. Just now on Firefox it was quite a bit faster, though there was still that white pause for a couple seconds.

Thanks for the tips with Volt. To date I have only built the one site as a quick demo test and it worked well enough. When using Blocs I have learned the benefits of clearly named custom classes and area IDs, even for myself. This would be even more important for clients.

I am not 100% clear on how custom classes are exported with the project, so they are automatically visible to clients in the properties area when editing an image for example.

Yep not sure why it lagged in speed. I’m on a fibre connection too 195mbps.

May not be that viable but this is what I get from uptrends:

With respect to classes and Volt:

if you wish a custom class or even a bootstrap class to be available for your client you need to set them here on the Volt Core brick (one row for image classes and the other for text):


then your client would see this screen to choose from:

Hope that helps.



Brilliant thanks that is all clear now and I’ll give it a try. I had aded the class myself manually but including it like this makes it much easier.

For the page opening we are having terrible weather here with big storms, so it may just be a local and temporary network issue.

You are welcome.

I am pretty happy to say the less with how Volt CMS works and discovering every day. I even paste in tables and they work fine.

Now like said, you just need to think clearly how your client will use it to have the classes and content name the most intuitive possible. I was even thinking of creating" basic" classes for colour (like brand colour, accent colour but naming them like blue, light blue whatever they are) and other ones like title, subtitle. Currently added text-justify since it was not in the original settings.

Big storms ? Is that in the UK ? Here it is sunny in Geneva.


Yes this is in the UK. For the last two weeks we have had almost non stop rain and heavy wind. We have been hit by two big storms covering the whole country.

I am sure Volt can do a lot and I just need some jobs where I can gain some more practice. I would like to use it for small e-commerce sites if possible where a client can change an image or text, then change cart links using something like Ecwid

Lucky here the storms were actually further north,

May I ask what is your experience with Ecwid and customer thoughts from your side ?


I haven’t used Ecwid myself but I hear good things about it from a designer who used it recently on a Wordpress site. I did a site about 18 months ago using Gumroad and that was really easy to setup though it only worked in dollars. Perhaps that has changed. It took me about half an hour to setup half a dozen products with no previous experience.

I have a website online using Fastspring and it is capable, however I find their setup and systems horribly complicated, so I am scared to touch anything now. It would be tempting to move away, however it would make things complicated if old customers come back needing support. Sometimes they lose products and ask to have the download link reset.

Thanks - yep I understand.

I just actually set up a store front with Ecwid and it is pretty straight forward and looking nice. Will now see if I can customise to my site’s original style.


You could also use something like
Table Center:tablecenter,White Text:color-white

To give your classes a better visible naming for the client.

The client will then see “Table Center” in the properties UI, and internally it is the css class “tablecenter”.


@MDS neat you got the scroll to sticky nav working great now.

I found the load time of the landing page very slow too. It looks like its a little over 3mb for the whole page, Im on a 100mb fibre connection, so maybe its the server?

Hi Pete @Malachiman

Yes thanks to you. :wink:

Do not know what’s going on with that page load. I had re-optimised the pictures used in the Swiper bric - but then they looked pixelated.

If you have any idea how to get that working properly let me know ? In the meantime, I’ll look at it more deeply again. Was thinking removing the Swiper bric and replacing it with the coming slider that will be available soon with Volt CMS.


the page load really quickly for me …
But when you scroll down the page you have that sticky header. And when you then click search, the search field is on the top of the page …So I don’t see it first time …

Hi @tom2

Thanks for letting me know it was quick on your side. May I ask where you are located and what is your internet connection ?

Indeed, I need to change the search position for that page (as well as the English and German one). It is actually in the global header which made sense for the whole site. The Swiper on the first page was actually in the middle of the page, but recently moved to the top which now brought this issue.

Thanks for relaying it.


I only have 50 mb connection …based in Germany

Hi Jannis @InStacks

Although this was noted in your tutorial, I actually did not understand that only the the first name would appear and not the class name itself. This actually really makes sense and perfect from the client’s perspective.


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