New site

Greetings to all, I just published a new site made with blocsapp v3. I hope you like it and any comment is well received.



Really nicely designed :grinning:

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Muy buen trabajo. Buen manejo de la grilla y muy lindas imagenes.
Hay algunos trucos muy buenos también que le suman un montón.

Beautiful :ok_hand:

Good morning @nelo, congratulations for the design!

I’m curious and I think I speak on behalf of some of the forum, what system do you use in the results login system? :face_with_monocle: It would be an interesting proposal for other ideas and business models.

Thanks for your input and help. :wink:

A greeting.

Dreamsur :surfing_man:

Hi, regards and thanks for the comments, answering your question:

It is a different platform for the results, you can really put a username and password but it is very basic, if you want something very complicated you would have to generate it with a database and in php and link everything, this is what I did with this page:

for the area of ​​instructors, but for the moment everything has to be generated outside of blocsapp, hopefully very soon it can be adapted within blocsapp

Excuse my insistence, even if it’s basic. Exactly with what system, platform or medium is it made?

I can always be curious and eager to learn.

A million thanks. :wink: