New sitio - trama

Greetings to all, I’m about to finish the next site, I want to know everyone’s opinion, both in design and in layout!

Trama Studio

I would like to know if there is any way for the audio to load faster in the browsers! since I have a background audio but it only listens when it is fully loaded!

Any comments and help is welcome



Hello @nelo, congratulations, very good pictures.
The only thing that I change is the menu, full screen to “Home” only, probably you could add some items, or remove the menu, I don’t know. Only this to point, but a very good website.

And like the text titles with images…

Graphically speaking a great looking one page site! I too, was a little confused by the hamburger menu at the top right. Or are you planning to add more pages? The menu is also very hard to see. I would change its color to white.

The only other thing I would add is that the page takes a really long time to load.

Yes, I am currently working on the other tabs and inside pages. Thanks for the feedback

Visually I liked it, but I found myself looking desperately for a way to turn off the sound.

Site appears down for me… :roll_eyes:

How did you do the text on the side vertically on the left side?
thanks, great work

He cheated :wink: It’s a graphic …

It really is not that complicated, I’ll attach an image capture with the code! You can use it directly in the code widget or in the code editor on the general page or by page, add the class and you can edit the expanded text, etc. !!! or you could also place it as a svg or png!

Let me know if it works for you.


I showed the site to some associates as an example of escaping the boxy look often associated with modern frameworks such as bootstrap.

To my surprise it provoked a discussion not so much about that subject but about SEO and in particular the heavy download payload for the site. In particular what was considered a good design had a very light payload and the heavy download of this site was considered a problem.

I think the full payload of this site is about 11MB. 6MB of that is the soundtrack, 1.5MB is the background.

I think the payload is something that needs to be considered.

From a design perspective I’m assuming this is a work in progress and the site is incomplete.

Is there a particular reason for the aqua theme of the graphics?

One of my associates asked how these graphics contribute to driving people to engage with the studio besides being a graphic/artistic statement in themselves. Their point was that while being a design studio show-casing skills, the ultimate aim is to attract new customers, so it’s not so clear how the aqua them will fit with that.

It provoked quite an interesting discussion!


@pauland, A number of good and very valid points. @nelo, The layout and graphics are really great, but it lacks engagement and a call to action? I always tell our clients we build websites for your clients not for you!

The audio is a heavy file and being at the bottom of your page will load towards the end of the website loading. Also from what I know the majority of modern browsers don’t automatically sound-on any more. It definitely doesn’t come on in macOS Safari.

Wow, I love this design. Great work. Some improvements (audio file, call to action, contact) and it will be perfect :+1: