New Swiper V3

Hello everybody,

Hope you are fine, healthy and safe in the insane world.

I’m releasing Swiper V3 today. From this version the full page feature is optional, so we can use Swiper as many sliders instances on a page, all with custom height and options.

Other new features include:

  • New bric container: add your own content into the slider
  • New background image option
  • New parallax option
  • New slides opacity option
  • New cards and cube effect
  • New effect speed option
  • New height option
  • New loop option
  • New grab cursor option
  • Removed image overlay
  • Improved caption text area
  • Improved caption font size
  • Improved URL option
  • Improved button link
  • Improved UI

Product page:
Quick buy:

Upgrade price from V2 has a 30% off discount,
the email used on the previous purchase will be needed.



Looks interesting, though I am not seeing any parallax effect either with Safari on the Mac or Brave on my mobile. It just scrolls up and down normally.

The parallax is on the background image in relation to the slide, as it moves to the left as we navigate to the next one. Images can also be used instead of captions, or everything together.

That is not clear on the demo page. Perhaps it could include a background image?

Yep that is a background image, the captions are sliders on top. I’ll make more demos to illustrate this feature shortly.

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Hi @Lucas

Looks like a great bric ! nice one - one thing, on the full page - when on tablet it does not show full page, I am guessing it can do!?

Also so many times I need to put a company logo in the middle of the page, I am guessing this does not support adding brics for company logos, my own buttons etc?

edit, in fact - adding a company logo in a png format is 99% a must for me

Thanks Lucas.

You should try tab anything in that case. I purchased swiper and never used in any project due the lack of capabilities. Alway a feature was missing and I could not do what I needed. Looks like a nice brick but it´s very limited when you want to go further.

@AdieJAM Adding Brics inside other Brics is not supported by Blocs API, unless I’m missing something. Also fixed the demo page of the full page, some padding were left on the blocs. Looks ok for me now, thanks for the heads up.

@chicuelo thanks for your feedback. I’m adding new capabilities to the bric and will continue doing so. Hope that it can be used on any of your projects in the future.


It kind of is, the feature has been added, it’s just unpredictable at the moment, and a “little” broken. :cry: it’s supposed to be addressed at some stage. :roll_eyes: I have a couple of things on hold waiting for it.

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Thanks @PeteSharp I’ll give it a try right way. Liked the way you described it… unpredictable :smirk:

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Let me know how you go :rofl:, I have the option available in Any Video but I call it experimental :rofl:


Trying to upgrade, but need to clear the cart.
An item in your cart requires the previous purchase of a separate qualifying product.

Have to use the same email from the previous purchase of Swiper V2. If you cannot find or still have issues just send me a pm with the mail.

@Lucas thanks for giving it a go - if you do, can you put on one of your examples one with a logo? or your own logo or something. If you can nail this ! - its a buy from me !

Just released V3.0.2 featuring the new bric container, uploaded the example here:

@AdieJAM nice news for you
@PeteSharp thanks again for the heads up. Seem to work ok, no brainer :stuck_out_tongue:


Brilliant ! Thanks for adding this @Lucas - I have a project I am working on, where this might come in useful ! - thanks

Quick question - do any of them have an Auto transition…to fade from one to the next etc

Sure auto play is supported since V1.

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The update isn’t showing in the extension manager.

Screenshot 2022-03-16 at 15.55.48

I finally got Swiper 3 @Lucas :smile:
What I can not figure out is how to change the size. Example: What if I want a full screen (Poster/Flyer) is that possible?
If not please suggest one that work with Text layer and a hyperlink for each poster.
Thank you.

For full page enter a value of 100vh (stands for viewport height).