New Swiper version

Hi guys,

Today I’m updating Swiper adding a much requested feature: individual link text for each image in the slider.

An example of this new feature can be found in the demo here:

For support try here:

Enjoy :grinning:


This is awesome! Well done Lucas!!

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Many thanks for the update @Lucas :+1:t3:

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Is anyone else’s Swiper plugin buggy?

All of the information input into the fields disappears when I go out of an image then come back, but is still on the preview. Don’t know if this is a Blocs 3 issue.


It would be helpful if you could tell us which version it is here.
Currently I use swiper 1.04 :wink:

Besides, the download link does not work anymore.



Hi @Lucas are there plans to be able to customise the text and buttons? Cheers

This is already possible with the related classes. For support visit here

Order history email is blank. No link is provided to update bric.

You have to provide the email used on purchase. Send me a pm with your email and I’ll try to help.

Used the wrong email before, just used the right one. I got the link.

Someone knows if there is a way to use the images in the size I designed? Swiper scales the images and I want a gallery with the image in the right size. I also found this useless in a hero. because it won’t match the design

Hi @Lucas I am on version 1.03 and want the latest version, is there another link please? Thanks

@Lucas I am on swiper v1.1.0 and blocs finds an update but it can´t download. Also I cant find any address where to download the bric again

This link leads to a not existing help center.

@chicuelo @Bootsie Find your orders here:
The email used on transaction is needed.

Or message me:

Thank you @Lucas , but the link it provides is the same I have since I have purchased and it gets me to V1.1.0

Captura de Pantalla 2023-01-24 a la(s) 10.18.33

Extension manager tells me there is a 2.0 version (update fails and shows that until I reopen blocs and stays on 1.1.0)

Captura de Pantalla 2023-01-24 a la(s) 10.22.11

Also in the blocs store figures a 3.0.6 version

@chicuelo you have to purchase the upgrade, please send me a message and I’ll assist you:

Oh sorry, I thought the updates were included in the bric. I never really used it because it didn’t fit into any project, it was always a lacking feature. I thought in newer versions it might be more versatile.

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Oops, this help center no longer exists

Swiper 3 looks promising, but on all examples you only place a centered image and button. Is it possible to add a 2 or 3 column row and place other stuff there?

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