New Swiper version


Hi guys,

Today I’m updating Swiper adding a much requested feature: individual link text for each image in the slider.

An example of this new feature can be found in the demo here:

The update is ready for you to download, here’s an article on how to update your Swiper:

Enjoy :grinning:


This is awesome! Well done Lucas!!


Many thanks for the update @Lucas :+1:t3:


Is anyone else’s Swiper plugin buggy?

All of the information input into the fields disappears when I go out of an image then come back, but is still on the preview. Don’t know if this is a Blocs 3 issue.



It would be helpful if you could tell us which version it is here.
Currently I use swiper 1.04 :wink:

Besides, the download link does not work anymore.