NEW! Tien Ma's Taiwanese Cuisine

Hey guys! Check out our latest project Tien Ma’s Taiwanese Cuisine’s NEW! website :slight_smile:


Looking Good! :+1:

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Another great one.

One thing I notice with all of your sites, and actually many other sites, is that you use very light fonts such as 100 weight. IMHO these look beautiful on retina displays but don’t look good on anything lower than a retina display, because other monitors can render and anti-alias them poorly. If you change your 100 weights to say 300, then I think they will look much better on all displays, and also be easier for someone with poor eyesight to read.

I’m guessing you use a Retina display for development?


great work!

@mackyangeles how could you adjust the icon (arrow) so that it moves permanently?
thank you!

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Another awesome site. How did you do the image with the navigation?

Can you post how you get the image behind the menu to also be the image on the next block? It looks great like that don’t see how to do it.

You can set the animation to infinity on the animation option. :slight_smile:

Insert Menu bloc, then create a new bloc drag the container to the navigation bloc. Adjust the margins and boom :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick video :slight_smile:


Thanks mackyangeles

@mackyangeles ok thats new! nice. thanks!

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