New User - Colour of Brics

Hello there,

I have performed a few searches but couldn’t find a thread that helped me - apologies if I’ve missed a post.

This is my first day using Blocs and have two queries, please:

  • After applying a background colour to a Panel bric from the global swatch pallete, it shows correctly in Preview Mode but in not in Preview in Browser. I’ve tried Safari and Chrome and cleared the cache of each. The Panel does not have an ID or any classes.

  • Whilst page thumbnails look like I expect the pages to be, clicking on the thumbnail goes to a mostly blank screen or something completely unfamiliar.

Any suggestions or explanations would be most welcome.

Thank you,



I have checked the both cases with the latest version of Blocs, and I don’t have any of these issues. What version of macOS are you using? I would recommend to submit the bug report via the menu in Blocs.



I’m using High Sierra 10.13.6


I looked at the HTML. I actually had three identical colours in the global swatch and some of the divs referred to “-pastel-orange” and others to “-pastel-orange-3”. By changing these around slightly, I got some of the blocs to be the correct colour - but not all of them at the same time.

On this theme I deleted two of the colours in the global swatch and applied only one colour to all of the parts. This had no effect and it was back to square one.

I’ve been getting on quite well with Blocs but this is something of a showstopper!

Hi @HughN

Attach a bloc file so we can test it for you.

Cheers / Johny

Hi @Jakerlund,

@Eldar tried one yesterday and it worked for him, so the mystery continues. As a new user, I can’t attach files, but the bloc file is (hopefully) here, and a screenshot here.

It is the same in Chrome and in Safari and if I open the HTM files on a Windows PC.

Many thanks,


I’ve observed that in Style.css the ‘background colour styles’ appear to be commented-out. If I replace "bgc-pastel-orange’ with any other colour, that colour is used correctly - it seems just to be ‘bgc-pastel-orange’, even if it is defined with a different hex value. :thinking:

Hope this helps,


Hi again @HughN

I tested your file and the project seems corrupt in some way.
No matter what color you set on your top global area it turns up white in any browser. :thinking:
Try get @Norm to have a quick look at it.

If you start a new blank project and just set colors for top, dynamic and bottom does it still behave weird?

Cheers / Johny

Thanks @Jakerlund

A new project with colours in top, dynamic and bottom worked perfectly.

I started again and within ten minutes the same thing happened again. I didn’t notice anything in particular associated to the change.

Hopefully, @Norm will be able to advise - Blocs isn’t much good for me if this continues.

It’s because the cascading style sheets are, umm, cascading.

The DIV is class="bloc bg-tl-edge bgc-pastel-orange l-bloc”

so, I-block overrides, bcc-pastel-orange, overrides, bg-tl-edge etc

Aaaarrrrgghhhhh! Now I have added a few more pages it is back to being white, even if I play with the DIVs.

It should really work without any hacking about.

Sorry for all the frustration. I found the error. It looks like something went wrong when you renamed some classes. I’ve fixed the file and I’ll send it back to you via your support ticket.

regarding the cause, its not something that is easy to replicate, but I will keep a close eye and look to add some fail safes to prevent this type of issue in future.